Why Us

Trans American Tours has been serving the corporate industry successfully since 1991. Our services can be simplified and summarized as :

Corporate Specialist

Trans American researches the best relevant fares, be it at the last-minute, for travel via multi- city/country destinations. Not only do we strive for value but will exceed your expectations by acquir-ing travel miles for tickets, that could go toward future upgrades.

  • Customized – service itinerary-by-itinerary
  • Flexible – last-minute or itinerary changes
  • Scalable – one/many travelers

Wholesale Tickets

Our relationships with the largest consolidators allow us to provide discounts of anywhere from 15% to 40% off the published fare.

  • Discounts – all major carriers
  • Proprietary – Singapore, Virgin, Jet, Air India, etc.

Corporate Rates

Trans American’s partnership entitles our clients to pre-negotiated rates at hotel properties and dis-count pricing at car rentals worldwide.

Ahead of the Internet

It is not always the case, despite the perception, that the Internet’s the window to best travel fares. On many occasions, we beat Internet prices. Further, the traveler has the flexibility to hold tickets for 24- hours prior to purchase while. Our agents take less than 15 minutes per itinerary while a traveler using an Internet search, on the average, exhausts more than 45 minutes.

  • No Wait listing – not possible on the Internet
  • No Changes – once a ticket on the Internet is con-firmed, there is no flexibility on changes
  • No Upgrades – upgrades not available on most Inter-net fares

24/7/365 Service

With offices in New York, New Delhi and San Ramon, Trans American is positioned to provide multi-zone, round-the-clock fulfillment services with superior quality. We will answer your call when you need us the most: when you are left stranded at the airport.

  • Telephone – 800•230•5777, 925•327•1200
  • Email – info@tatair.com
  • Web – Booking Request/Travel Profile

Reports & Analysis

What were your travel expenses for the quarter? What were the fare savings? Whether it is person-by-person, department-by-department or the entire corporation, Trans American’s back-office can provide the report that you need to analyze your travel expenses.
Fare Savings – by itinerary, domestic vs. international, etc.
Personal/Departmental/Corporate – reports can be categorized per customer requirement

Web Portal

Travelers use our web portal, Transamericantours.com, to trigger Booking Requests and to maintain their travel prefer-ences using our extensive Travel Profile facility. This facility allows data input for Frequent Flyer Numbers, Hotel Room Preferences, Passport Expiry Date, etc.

  • Booking Request – flight planning
  • Travel Profile – personal preferences

Other Services

We can customize a travel policy or design the appropriate forms to help streamline travel